Who We Are

We welcome everyone,

wherever they are on

their spiritual journey.

Youth Empowerment Program

UATL joyfully hosts YEP every week during our Sunday Celebrations. We seek to empower all children to know their inherent value and belonging through lessons that appeal to a wide range of ages and diverse backgrounds.

Program leaders care for and mentor each child with love, wisdom and compassion. We hold each beloved young one as unique, loved and powerful. We support their growth as they learn to align their consciousness in God.

Youth Empowerment Program leaders understand the principles of Unity. The YEP Coordinator reviews the program with the leaders. The YEP leaders are approved by the council. If you are interested in becoming a leader in the program, please contact us. We are grateful for every YEP leader!


Do you enjoy singing, playing an instrument, or both?

We welcome passionate singers and musicians, to participate. OneVoice is a beautiful opportunity to serve both the Unity community and your soul by sharing your musical gifts. We rehearse once a week, and on Sunday morning before Celebration. If you have questions. contact our Minister of Music, John Eldridge, through our contact form, Love and light to you.


We welcome everyone wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

Celebration is our Sunday morning gathering, and ceremony, which includes: the observance and practice of our Mission, Vision, and basic principles; music praising God, love and peace; meditation; speakers whose talks assist our personal growth and illuminate our consciousness.

Celebration and our fellowship will help you explore your own spiritual life with a community of supportive, loving people.

Children and youth participate in Celebration and also attend the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) during Celebration.

Affirmation: "God creates in the ideal, and man carries out in the manifest what God has idealized" - Charles Fillmore

Basic Principles

  1. There is only one Presence and one Power active in the universe and as my life.

    God the Good.

  2. Our essence is of God; therefore, we are inherently good.

    This God essence was fully expressed in Jesus, the Christ.

  3. We are co-creators with God, creating reality through thoughts held in mind.
  4. Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God.

    Denials and affirmations are tools we use.

  5. Through thought, words and actions, we live the Truth we know.

Mission & Vision

Unity at the Lake is a thriving, diverse spiritual community that celebrates God, nurtures wholeness, embraces oneness and embodies the Truth of our Being.

We are each an oasis of love, peace, abundance and joy, raising consciousness and transforming lives, one thought, one heart at a time.

We believe there are many paths and one God. We are a safe and sacred community that honors people of all faiths and welcomes everyone wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

We commit to consciously living the Truth of our Oneness with God through our thoughts, words and actions.

We practice prayer, meditation and service to others and apply universal spiritual principles as the keys to personal and global transformation.

From our awareness that we are God's Light and Life, we choose love and compassion for ourselves and others, creating harmony, peace and Unity throughout our world and...

We are grateful!

Help and Support

We are available for prayer, spiritual counseling, energy work and life coaching. Prayer is about remembering the truth of our being and oneness with the God of our own knowing. From that place we can affirm and bring forth the unlimited power of our GodSelf.

Prayer Chaplains are here to help you access that knowing. Whether you have a need in your heart or you just want to celebrate in gratitude. Every Sunday after Celebration, dedicated Prayer Chaplains are on duty for one-on-one prayer with you.  They are also available for in-home visits, phone calls, and hospital visits.

Call the Unity Office at 530-544-2266 to request any of these blessed prayer services.

See Who We Are

Enjoy seeing who we are at Unity at the Lake through this slide show. It includes photos of the people who are part of our spiritual community and all the fun we have. The music in the background is written and performed by our Music Director, John Eldridge.

UATL Facility

Unity at the Lake, a spiritual community, in South Lake Tahoe is located in a space which offers a venue for:

Weddings (non-denominational and trans-denominational)

Memorials and Celebrations of Life

Spiritual Baptisms

Rituals to mark all transitions, such as rites of passage, celebrations, etc...

The space includes the sanctuary which seats 100 people, a kitchen and reception area, a meditation room, a large sitting room/workshop area, a sound system and stage, plus parking. Please contact us for further information.


Entry way to UATL facility
Door to UATL and area for greeting

Kitchen & Reception Area

Kitchen and social hall at UATL facility
Preparing, storing, serving food and clean up. Area for people to meet, visit and eat or dine.

Martin Chapel / Meditation Room

Martin Chapel for meditation at UATL facility
Sacred space for meditating and prayer


Sanctuary, seating and concert space at UATL facility
Celebration, ceremonies, talks and concerts take place here. Seats 100 people.

UATL facility Sanctuary (from back)

Sanctuary, seating and concert space at UATL facility
Seating for 100 people

Activity Room

Workshop and Youth Empowerment classroom at UATL facility
Sitting room and Workshop area
Multipurpose space, used for workshops, crafts, YEP classroom, meetings, lounging, library, getting ready or preparing for ceremonies and concerts.

UATL Council of Trustees


Annie Davidson

Vice President

Karen Martin


Laura Staman


Juliette Tanzi



Linda Loughrin


Karen Sanders