I am grateful

The fundraising proceeds go to daily expenses, special projects, community outreach and the ability to fulfill our mission of raising consciousness and transforming lives in our community and our world.

Angel Fundraiser

The person requesting a project has committed to donate money to Unity at the Lake for its completion. Please consider supporting Unity by using your many talents to complete one or more of the projects listed below. If you would like to add your own project request or if you want to volunteer for completing a project, CONTACT Unity at the Lake.


Hanging Shelves

Installing detectors

Paint Window Frames

Microsoft Word 10 Tutorial

Cell Phone Tutorial

Yard work

Stain Deck

Move Logs

Replace sink faucet

Prepare ground for Pavers

Dig up strawberries

Help with project

Fence Repair


Stain Deck


Building a Privacy Screen


Linda Wunder

Antoinette DeHaas

Antoinette DeHaas

Antoinette DeHaas

Antoinette DeHaas

Cindy Archer


Laura Staman

Phyllis Atha

Phyllis Atha


Juliette Tanzi

Pat O.

Lucie King

Mike Farnon

Nancy Nance

Sue Hoy


Hanging 4 shelves

smoke & carbon monoxide

All on the first floor

Learning programs

Basic cell phone use

Yard & garden Autumn

24×16. 1 hour

Move 9 logs

Has the faucet

We will work together

Dig up & keep strawberries

Repotting plants


Painting & Raking Leaves



























Anna Njoten



Scott Tanzi



Juliette & Laura

Phyllis Atha