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  • September 29, 2019 - 7:00 pm

COMEDY CONCERT  “Analog Brain In A Digital World”

Get a healthy dose of conscious comic relief! Take a musical joyride into the profound and the absurd. The personal and the universal, the psychological and the spiritual, the sacred and the silly.

Elevate your endorphins, amplify your amusement, and improve your digestion , enjoying Greg Tamblyn. There will be mirth, mindful mischief, laughter, love, and learning. Big Fun for everyone, soul-cleansing laughter, and a wonderful inner workout for your body and mind.

TICKET PRICES: Single: $12 / Bring A Friend: $20 for two

• Get a comedy afterglow that lasts for weeks.
• Elevate your vibration to the frequency of fun.
• Tone your funny bone and tune your heartstrings.

All fun-loving, forward-thinking folks are welcome.  Bring your friends. They’ll still be your friends afterward. Honest.

Enjoy a welcome return to the NOW. The great thing about being in the NOW is you never can run out of NOW. There’s always more NOW later. Mystics tell us that amusement is a very high vibration. For all of us genuine, one-of-a-kind humor beings, silliness is a marvelous way to explode our limitations.