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Celebrating Our Volunteer Angels

667 Tahoe Island Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA
After Sunday Celebration, August 14th, 12:30 p.m.

Unity is having a fun get together where we will celebrate and honor all of our wonderful Volunteer Angels!!

Location: Karen Sanders & Mike Farnon’s lovely backyard 667 Tahoe Island Drive Please bring a folding or lawn or beach chair, if possible. UATL will provide sandwiches or wraps, chips, drinks & dessert. We would like to get an approximate head count, so if you plan to attend, please sign up. Zoom: in the chat In person: put your name on the signup sheet at UATL Email: send an email to Karen Sanders at

We kindly ask everyone to please be mindful of our health practices and do not attend events if there are any symptoms present.  

Please join us! We look forward to all being together.