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Affirmation: "God creates in the ideal, and man carries out in
manifest what God has idealized" - Charles Fillmore


Sunday Celebrations with Youth Program are held every Sunday Morning at 10:00 a.m. Celebrations will be led by Stew and Hillary Bittman, our Spiritual Leaders.

Sunday Celebrations are preceded by a Morning Meditation at 9:00.

As a loving reminder, our Celebrations begin right on time at 10am. We appreciate your support in this.

The Meditation & Celebration will be held at PLAZA 89, 870 Emerald Bay Rd., South Lake Tahoe, CA SUITES 204-208


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God is love. As we express love through the sharing of our time and talents, we express more of God in our consciousness and in our lives. As a spiritual family, our love in action changes us and it changes the world.  

Please review the list and see if you are called to bless us with your love in service. You will be enormously blessed in return.


We all enjoy Hospitality as part of our Sunday Celebration. It's so nice to stay afterward and bask in the glow of the talk and music with everyone. It's even more enjoyable when there's some yummy food. We do our best to maintain a minimum selection (which is what you'll find in most Unity centers). Beyond that it's up to each of us to make it even more special. Please consider bringing some left-overs, or anything else, once in a while.



An Invitation to Share Hospitality
We bless all of you who bring food to share. Sometimes folks ask if it’s OK for anyone to bring food…the answer is a resounding yes! We remind everyone that Hospitality only happens through us…if we each brought a “little left-over” that is in the fridge, we’d have a feast!

Did you know that we recycle our dishes from Hospitality? We don’t ask you to wash them as we have a volunteer to do that every week, but we do request that you don’t throw them away. Thanks for your cooperation.

And a big huzza to our new Hospitality Angels who clean up after us every week, and especially to Donna Hawksford who held down the fort for that for so long!

To all our congregants: We have a number of chemically sensitive people in our midst and so we humbly ask everyone to please use a minimum of perfumes, colognes, etc. We know this is a personal and sensitive issue, we completely respect your right to smell as you like…and we sincerely appreciate your cooperation in this regard…this is part of being in community!

Stay tuned to your Weekly Email Update for the schedule.


Every Sunday Celebration is available on audio CD. Suggested Love Offering - $5.00. CD's are available to order online or by filling out an order form after Sunday Celebration. We also have past Sunday Celebration CD's in the back of the Sanctuary available now for a love offering."

One Voice at Sunday Service


If you’d like CD recordings of all the 12 Powers Sundays in 2014, let us know (there’s an order form on the back table of the Sanctuary, too)! This CD set would make a wonderful gift to introduce someone else to (or to remind yourself of) the core of Unity metaphysics. Suggested love offering $25 for 12 CDs.


If you are someone you know is in need of a ride, or can provide a ride to/from our 10 a.m. Sunday Celebrations, please contact Reverends Stew or Hillary to make arrangements.

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unity at the lake




unity at the lake


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