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March/April 2011 Newsletter


 “Have I told you lately that I love you?” That’s a line from an old (1945) Jim Reeves song that’s been covered by just about everybody. It’s timeless and timely. Because you never know what hand you’ve been dealt. And then it may be too late and you have to deal with regrets and then…This is what hit home for me big time recently as Stew and I do our sacred marriage learning thing. We’d been going thru a difficult time and so in our weekly exercise we chose to write a letter to each other, pretending that we had “lost” each other, saying how sorry we were and trying to get the other back. Well, both of us just cried and cried healing tears-- in that instant we knew how precious the other is. We realized that all the time we spend trying to be right or being in control is wasted. In those times we forget what’s true and eternal in our relationship and in each other and we’ve lost opportunities to love. Love always feels so much better! So whoever you are connected to on this planet, take every opportunity to say, “I love you” often.

Have I told all of you lately how much I love and appreciate you? It is sometimes so unbelievable to me that I left a career of 25 years, doing what I loved, and here I am still doing what I love. Sometimes it stretches me, sometimes what I do is hard or sad, and sometimes it feels overwhelming. But always, I am deepening my relationship with my God-self ; and so I am learning how to give myself away more and  learning how to receive you more. I am so grateful to you all for supporting me on this wonderful journey, for trusting me with your heart and for joining me on the journey as well (trips are better with friends).

All this love and appreciation is carrying us into the next step – we have a new Spiritual Social Action team, which is near and dear to my heart (see details elsewhere in newsletter), our new PR committee is looking into how to more effectively get the good news about UATL out into our community (I don’t understand why the whole town isn’t lined up to come through the doors) and we are continuing to look for a permanent home. Finally, Stew and I are applying to The New Seminary to embark on a 2-year program to become Ordained Interfaith Ministers after being officially and definitively turned down by the Unity Association. What is very exciting to me in this unexpected bump in the road is that it actually seems perfectly suited to us as Spiritual Leaders of a ministry that honors all paths to God. So, while we’ll still be a Unity Center, I am looking forward to learning more about other faiths and sharing about the oneness of it all expressed uniquely from that culture.

Let’s remember to tell those we love (which could be everybody) that we do! And remember, it is when we give our full consent to love that we are the flow of God living our lives in peace and abundance – yahoo!!!!!!!


OFFICE HOURS: (2489 Lake Tahoe Blvd, Suite 27)


You are cordially invited to come by and sit in the sacred energy, browse the lending library, or just say hello! It’s a wonderful space!!

Of course our Spiritual Leaders, Hillary & Stew, are ALWAYS available (except Sundays or Mondays, unless an emergency) during the week and are eager to meet with you for spiritual counseling** and/or prayer, to talk over the Sunday talk or Unity principles… or just to chat. “There are so many of you we’d love to know better.” Feel free to call the office anytime and make a date with them.

**Spiritual counseling is what you might consider if you need a reminder of the Truth of what you are, a tool to access that Truth to help you through a certain situation, help with how to communicate what’s alive in you, an empathetic ear, etc.



Bread and Broth Adopt-a-Day: Monday March 28th.

“Murder in an English Manor”: Friday, April 1st (no foolin’!) 6:30-9:30 pm
Join us for an evening of dinner, fun and camaraderie as we are entertained by local actors in a murder mystery play and try to figure out whodunit. Get your tickets now, either at Sunday services or by contacting us. $40 per ticket/$75 for 2 (add $2 per ticket if using a credit card).  All tickets must be purchased in advance by March 27th.



Wednesdays, NOON-12:45, PRAYER/MEDITATION CIRCLE is the best 45 minute God vacation/spa package you can give yourself. As with everything in Unity, we start with ourselves, sitting to align with the Divine Presence of Love we are in Truth. From that consciousness we are able to hold a new perspective of hope, clarity and well-being, grounded in wholeness, for ourselves, everyone in our prayer list and the entire world.

The following ongoing events are available for a Love Offering:

“Awakening Wednesdays”: Every Wednesday night from 6:45-8:15 PM (note new time), we gather for ongoing book study, meditation, heart-opening and spirited discussion, tool sharing and, generally, furthering our spiritual awareness and understanding. Come join this sacred, fun, and beautiful gathering! Our study of HeartMath continues for another few weeks. All are welcome. Stay tuned for our new book study soon.

Meditation Circle: NOTE NEW SCHEDULE: Now the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 6-6:30pm (March 9th and 23rd, April 13th and 27th). Join us as we sit in the silence and in the beauty of our own divine awareness. We simply come in, sit down, meditate and say “Namaste”. We welcome meditators of all levels. If you are new to meditating please arrive by 5:45 so we can share what we do and provide any needed instruction, or call and speak to us first.

Our healing circles have been suspended for now…we plan to resurrect them in the evening and outside when the weather allows. However, Hillary and/or Stew are always willing to do a private session with anyone who feels the need for a little support; or get a group together and we’ll arrange a time.


SUNDAY CELEBRATION SERVICES: (10:00AM at the SLT Senior Center - 3050 Lake Tahoe Blvd.)
As a loving reminder, we will now be starting our Celebration Services right on time at 10am, based on suggestions from folks who come on time. We appreciate your support in this.

April 24th: Easter White Stone Ceremony

12 Powers talks: On the first Sunday of the month…

March 6th: The Power of Wisdom (wear yellow)

April 10th: The Power of Love (wear pink)

May 8th: The Power of Power (wear purple)

Note: April and May’s 12 Powers talks will be on the second Sunday of each month, because we have…

Guest Speakers:

April 3rd: Rick Arnold will speak on “Mastery Prosperity”. Rick, a regular attendee of UATL from Carson City, has served as a board member of Unity of Carlsbad California and is a former president of the board of Unity Church of Today in Carson City. He first came to new thought principals as a student of Terry Cole Whittaker and the church of Religious Science in 1981. He joined Unity in 1989. Rick is the facilitator for the Unity West Central Regional men’s retreat. He has spoken on prosperity at a number of Unity churches in California and Nevada.

May 1st: Our dear friend Kathy Zavada will thrill and inspire us with her amazing music and beautiful message in her annual visit to UATL. A workshop or concert will follow…more details TBA.

Immediately following our Sunday celebration services:

OneHeart drum gatherings: March 27th & April 17th.  Everyone is invited to join in a circle of joy and celebration of the Divine Heartbeat within! Always a blessed time together as we create & express the healing rhythms of our hearts. All levels welcome, listeners & dancers too! Feel free to bring your drums & shakers - some instruments will be provided. Love offering.

Recirculation Sunday: April 17th,  immediately following service. Bring 1 or 2 gently used items you’d like to pass along to Sunday service. All items will then available for a love offering to benefit UATL.

Extra, Extra, hear all about it:

There is much excitement in our new SSA group. You can imagine that in such a big group we were able to come up with quite a list on which to focus our energies. We will be narrowing down our focus at our next meeting, Sunday March 6th, 11:30am right after Sunday service. However, we know that we will be participating in Bread & Broth Adopt-a-day in March, spring planting in the Angora Fire area, summer Brush of Kindness/Habitat for Humanity and September’s Coastal Clean-up.

There is also much excitement in our new PR group. The vision is to communicate more clearly to the community-at- large who we are and what we are about. The committee is also discussing new and creative ways to ensure that people know UATL is here. We have come up with 4 possible “tag-lines”:

UATL – Inspiring Positive Spiritual Living
UATL – An Oasis for Positive Spiritual Living
UATL – A Place to Celebrate the Divine in Us all
UATL – Celebrating the Divine in Us All

We welcome your input!!!!


We joyfully affirmed and celebrated our abundance thru financial support of the following during the period of January-February, 2011:

* West Central Region *Bread and Broth *Byron Katie (Institute for “The Work”)

* Silent Unity *HeartMath Institute *Soroptimist Int’l of Tahoe Sierra (for solar cooking kits for people in Darfur) *Unity in the Community

Total of outgoing tithes for this period was $1920.10.  Thank you, God!


NEW OneVoice CD!!!: "Spirit In Bloom"...If you love singing along with our UATL music ministry OneVoice or you enjoy complimenting your meditation time with their sweet melodies, you'll be in "Heaven in 2011" with our newly released CD! Some of our most heart opening, uplifting & most loved selections from 2009, recorded live at our Sunday Celebration services. Now available for a love offering - at the back table on Sundays, or call the office to order & we'll mail you one...(530) 544-2266.

And now presenting: “Piano Melodies”...a compilation of solo piano music joyously played by our music director Kristina. Live improvised melodies recorded at the beginning of our Sunday services, created with the intention to open hearts and set the sacred energy of the day. Available now for $10 each.

Journeys to the Heart...We’ve gotten rave reviews for our meditation CD, lovingly created by Hillary, Stew, Kristina and Jazz. It includes four inspiring journeys, accompanied by angelic music, to transport you on an inward journey to your own vastness and power. Each of these guided meditations will open your heart and lead you to a deeper knowing of your highest Truth. $15 each.

"Hands and Hearts for Haiti"... this awesome live recording is from the benefit concert for Haiti put on by James Crawford in February 2010 (thank you, James!). Another great collection of songs with many of our favorites including "Rising Again" &"Heal This Land”. Love offering.

"Morning Meditations '09"...9 beautiful songs by OneVoice with meditations led by Stew & Hillary, recorded live during our Sunday celebration services.  A perfect way to begin the day!  Love offering.

Special Thanks: James and Kathi O: After 2 years of service on our Council of Trustees, James Crawford has made the decision to step down, due to personal reasons. We love and bless James for all his love and service. The good news is that all his love and service will still be flowing in UATL’s direction. More good news is that KO has stepped back into the role of council member, agreeing to finish out the rest of James’ term.

More of Heaven in 2011

As I write this, we are almost two months into the new year.  This promises to be a great new year for our spiritual community!  We held a very lively annual membership meeting in January and the enthusiasm amongst the congregation was inspiring.  It seems that we are all ready to do what is ours to do to serve, nurture, and grow our spiritual community. Many ideas were discussed, including the formation of two new committees (Social Spiritual Action and Publicity) and the plan to make every Sunday a mini-potluck instead of having one or two people responsible for providing hospitality.  Our second annual murder mystery party fundraiser is right around the corner, on April 1.  Our resources table is overflowing with ever more One Voice and meditation CD’s.  We continue our active search for a spiritual home to call our own and are working on creating the perfect slogan to identify who we are to our South Lake Tahoe community.

We joyfully welcomed two new council members, Sherry Stofko and Karen Sanders while expressing our gratitude to our outgoing council members, Kathi Olsen and Danielle Wagner.

A new year.  A new beginning. What possibilities does this new year bring for your continued spiritual growth and involvement? Are you greeting 2011 with joyful anticipation? Is this your year to become more active in your spiritual journey?  Is this your year to become a more active part of Unity at the Lake?  What is yours to do?  Are you called to serve as a member of one of our committees?  Perhaps share your passion by becoming a greeter, a YEP teacher, or by helping with our Sunday set-up?  Have you thought about sharing your musical talent as part of One Voice?  Do you feel called to be a Prayer Chaplain?  Perhaps you are ready to increase your own attendance at Sunday services, classes, or prayer circles.  Perhaps you are ready to increase your tithing to UATL.  Perhaps you would like to contribute some food to our Sunday pot-lucks. If you are not yet a member, is 2011 the year to make that reality happen? 

The possibilities for greater involvement and enrichment are, literally, endless.  The list above is only a starting point to your own imagination.  I encourage you to take these questions to your heart and find the answers that are already waiting there.  If you need some encouragement or ideas, please feel free to discuss your desires with Stew or Hillary or one of our council members.  We welcome your input, willingness, and creativity. Together, we will create more of Heaven in 2011!

Namaste’; Janice Eastburn, President, Council of Trustees

If you miss the format of our past newsletters and would like to volunteer your skills in that regard in the future please let us know.