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“PLEASE USE US…WE ARE HERE FOR YOU”: Revs. Hillary & Stew are always very happy to make an appointment and meet with you at a different time and day if our office hours don’t work for you. We are available for prayer, spiritual counseling, energy work, life coaching or just to chat.

Reverends Stew & Hillary Bittman

office hours

Telephone # 530.544.2266

Located at PLAZA 89,

870 Emerald Bay Rd.,
South Lake Tahoe, CA
SUITES 204-208

All our celebrations & activities are held at the above address.

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UATL EVENTS - 870 Emerald Bay Rd.

Wednesdays, NOON-12:40: MEDITATION CIRCLE in the Annex. Every Wednesday we sit and meditate on the presence of Love and hold the high watch for ourselves and for everyone on our prayer slips. It’s the most nutritious lunch break there is - please join us!

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Passover Seder: Thurs, Mar 29th, 6-8pm, Presbyterian Church. Revs. Bittman will be among local ministers from different denominations as they join Rabbi Evan Yakar in leading this traditional Jewish celebration that includes a full dinner. The Presbyterian Church is asking for a $5 love offering, although no one will be turned away. RSVP TO US REQUIRED, SO LET US KNOW ASAP IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND!
Men’s Retreat, May 18-20, 2018: Please see the flier for info about the 10th annual Unity Regional Men’s Retreat at Zephyr Cove. This year’s retreat is once again sponsored by UATL and co-facilitated by Rev. Stew


Located at the Unity Sanctuary, 870 Emerald Bay Rd., South Lake Tahoe, CA
SUITES 204-208.
As a loving reminder, our Celebrations begin right on time at 10am. We appreciate your support in this.


We are always looking for people who like to be in service. Please see a Council Member after Sunday Celebration or send us an Email. Please View Our Sacred Service Document





An Invitation to Share Hospitality
Hospitality: It ’ s up to all of us ... if we each brought a “ little left - over ” that is in the fridge, we ’ d have a feast! AND IF WE EACH BROUGHT A LITTLE REAL FOOD, AND LESS SUGARY STUFF, OUR BODIES WOULD BE SOOOOO HAPPY, OUR CHILDREN WOULD GREATLY BENEFIT, AND THEIR PARENTS WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL, TOO!!!!!!


**Warm up your engine & car interior by driving instead of idling – changes in technology & electronic fuel injection have eliminated the need to warm up before driving in freezing temps

**Turn off your car ignition if you ’ re idling for more than 10 seconds - idling your car for more than 10 seconds burns more fuel than restarting your car. Turning off your engine to text, to wait for someone or when stopped for construction are easy ways to stop spewing smog/environment - killing carbon & nitrous dioxide & help the planet as well as our beloved Lake Tahoe

**If you have school - age children, ask the principal to enforce a no - idling policy for buses & cars waiting for school to be let out

Maps & Directions

If it is to be, it’s up to us: Now Seeking Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) leaders for our Sunday programs, so we can keep our program alive. You don’t need special skills, just a desire to celebrate/honor/have fun with our children. We have tons of resources & program ideas available, & we can help you get started. You can commit to leading programs as much or as little as you’d like. If you are interested, please contact Laura Staman ASAP at stamancotulla@gmail.com, 530-307-3647, or talk to her at Celebration on Sundays

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Faith In Action


We have a recycling tub outside of the Sanctuary, when we’re there, for you to drop off your glass, jars and cans. Or just leave your bag on the deck. Especially preferred are glass that is a “moneymaker” such as beer bottles and soda cans (California CRV). We would appreciate that these are deposited in the bins empty and clean. If you bring your own stuff to the recycling center, please consider putting the proceeds on Unity at the Lake’s account there.


Unity at the Lake is a now member of Safeway’s new electronic scrip program. By signing up for this program, there are rewards for UATL whenever you use your Club Card. You can either sign up online yourself at eScrip.com or use the signup sheets at Sunday Celebrations. If you do it yourself, use our group name (Unity at the Lake) and our group ID# (500043268). Either way, you have to use the actual number on your Safeway Club Card. If you don’t know it because you just use your phone #, call 877-SAFWAY or 877-723- 3929 they ask a few simple questions and then they’ll give you the card number to the phone # that you use.


There is a link to Amazon.com on the left hand side of this website (under the phone #). We will receive credit for any purchases made through Amazon when you go through our website first. And, if you sign up for Amazon Smile (free!), you can designate UATL as a regular beneficiary of your purchases (then you don’t have to go to our website first).


Unity at the Lake sends out a heartfelt and informative newsletter every two months. If you would like to receive this newsletter, you can provide us with your mailing information (either email or regular mail, please indicate preference) by filling out the form on the back table of the sanctuary or by sending us an Email.

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We invite you to join us for our 9:00 AM Sunday meditation, 10:00 AM Sunday Celebration or any one of our prayer groups or transformational opportunities









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